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Building the Future of Digital Assets
At Amber Labs, we believe that enabling ownership of data and digital assets for users creates a more equitable, accessible, and efficient digital economy.
Partnering With People Shaping the Digital Future

We use a thesis-driven approach to actively invest in emerging ventures at the frontier of Web3. We partner with teams working on resilient infrastructure,  breakthrough primitives, and impactful applications that are shaping the future of our digital economy. 


We are builders ourselves. We incubate protocols, tools, and applications that aim to accelerate crypto adoption and innovation. Our experience building Web3 products gives us insights into the challenges that entrepreneurs face and the tools that they need to succeed. 


We leverage our existing capabilities and global footprint to support our partners across multiple domains, including running validator nodes, performing security audits, market making, data provisioning, conducting research, marketing, and more. We take an active approach, constantly exploring new methods and uncommon techniques to help our partners succeed.